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The long hunt for the best interior designers in Chennai comes to an end at GKR builders. This company, which has a legacy of providing the greatest home interiors in South India for the past 19 years, is the preferred option of an increasing number of clientele. GKR Builders infuses interior design and execution with originality, freshness, and liveliness. As the leading interior designers in Chennai, we have executed over 9000 projects in various places around South India. To the satisfaction of our clients, we design, manufacture, and install luxury home interiors. As a result, you can change a bare space in an apartment into an astonishingly modern, fresh, and trendy house.

Everything we do, say, and feel is motivated by our consumers! Every interior designer’s vision, program, project, and connection is centered on the customer…and we’re not going to stop till the customer says WOW!

GKR builders


Home is the location where our hearts are. We all want to come home to a lovely residence where we can rest, no matter where we are. Our house represents our personalities and deepest ambitions. If you want your home to be created to perfection, you need hire a reputable interior designer. We provide outstanding design plans to our customers as one of the Best Interior Designers in Chennai. Our plans are a reflection of our ingenuity and inventiveness. We are also known for our innovative use of technology to create beautiful homes for our clientele. We have our own team of Interior Designers in Chennai that will design your ideal home according to your specifications.



Art Meets Architecture

Our interior design process begins with creating a detailed work plan for your Chennai house interiors. All objectives, including timing, overall budget, deliverables, and available resources, will be defined in our work plan. We will also thoroughly measure and examine your available space. Following that, we will begin the full design and development process for your Chennai house interiors. We will give numerous plans to our consumers and then proceed with the plan selected by our clients. We will begin the implementation process after the plan has been finalized. We provide a wide range of interior design services in Chennai, such as painting, structural repair, and furniture.

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