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As one of the best construction companies in Chennai, it’s impossible for us to leave out whatever that our audience wants. GKR Builders is a licensed construction and design firm that specializes in Architecture, Building Construction, and Interior Design. Whether it’s outfitting your home or revamping your commercial space, our Building Construction Contractors in Chennai provide flawless results while staying within your budget. Simply put, if you need warmth, you will feel it, and if you need thunder, you will feel it.


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Unlike other Chennai House Construction Companies, we are a certified construction and design firm that specializes in architecture, building construction, and interior design. We are more than simply bricks and mortar; we are inspired by the popular adage “Home is not a place, it is a feeling.” We are one of the greatest construction companies in Chennai, with the best team of highly qualified construction professionals who work tirelessly to help you build your dream home while keeping aesthetics, class, and comfort in mind.

Construction management, architectural design, renovation and remodeling, and interior design are all areas of expertise. Everything that meets your requirements. Our work as a building contractor demonstrates a quick, cost-effective, and energy-efficient construction process.

We are a team of Residential Building Contractors In Chennai who provide homes with world-class amenities and unparalleled magnificence. Our two most defining characteristics, quality and transparency, serve as the driving force behind every project we undertake. Our home construction contractors in Chennai create an amazing customer experience by following a precise blueprint, which includes everything from selecting the right type of soil and mortar to proper planning and budgeting, and finally handing over deliverables to our client on time.


We are proud to present our finished civil construction projects, which demonstrate our commitment to excellence and originality. Our professional civil contractor in Chennai has worked tirelessly to turn areas into gorgeous and practical settings that exceed the expectations of all of our clients. Here are some of our portfolio’s highlights:



We are a dedicated staff that works hard to give its clients with high-quality services at affordable package rates. Our home building contractors have years of expertise and extensive technical and engineering knowledge, which has resulted in the provision of the best construction services in Chennai.

We provide the best and most efficient home and commercial building services available. Our team of house construction contractors studies and analyzes every minute detail of the construction project from start to finish, gaining inspiration from the newest trends and advances all over the world. And we create the most exquisite strategy and design based on your personal or company requirements. Our home construction contractors in Chennai count on a dedicated team of architects, engineers, and designers, who render residential construction services to our clients, alongside other services. When we say residential construction, we refer to all kinds of private establishments designed exclusively for living purposes. The key factor of our company is that we provide hand-crafted designs and innovative solutions, unique in every aspect, which makes the perfect home for you. We are not just a bunch of architects and engineers but also passionate builders who help you build your future in a secure manner. We also provide a detailed layout plan as well as weekly updates, regarding the progress, to maintain transparency at each stage of the project.



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